AJ & LD & Bubbles Superhero

The Hourglass Trio

LD was a feral stray, living on the streets, seeking out food where he could and surviving daily terrors, until an encounter with a kindly human made him see the error of his ways!

AJ was always special, but became even more special when she became LD's spirit guide.

Bubbles has recently joined the crew after living on the streets unloved and uncared for, sick and homeless. Now she has joined AJ & LD as a fearless team!

Now they all fight for all that is good.

Healing Hands - LD & Bubbles have incredible healing powers, meaning they can treat even the most fatal injuries simply by touch! A power thet receive from AJ.


Time Manipulation - LD & Bubbles powers give them the ability to control the flow of time - speed it up, slow it down, or even (for a short time) put it into reverse. AJ needs no such power as there is no 'time' over Rainbow Bridge, but follows LD & Bubbles wherever they go.

Now, they protect the country from bicycle thieves, while also battling the evil plans of The Illegal Catnip Dealers Gang!