Ms Olivia Super Hero

Lady Earth Shadow

Olivia were a researcher into the effects of Earthquakes - until an unexpected encounter with a mystical rock enfaced her with the world-spirit known as Gaia! Now, she fighst to save the environment, while also trying to fend off the evil corporate bigwigs who want to exterminate the world-spirit...

Earth Powers - Her abilities give her access to the elemental powers of the Earth itself - she can manipulate rock in any shape or size, cause earthquakes, and even drown her enemies in torrents of molten lava!

Shadow Control - Olivia can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide herself or even as a mode of transportation (travelling from one shadow to another)!
Now, she protects Niagra Falls from watersport vandals, while also battling the evil plans of White Waisin Rabbit!