XPETS December Adventure - “Light of the World Pageant”

Sun, 10 Dec 2017
from 7:00pm to 8:00pm

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Time zone: Europe/Stockholm
Reminder: 30 minutes before
Ends: 08:00pm (duration is about 1 hour)

Time to stretch out your XPETS outfit and iron your cape for this month we’re off to Nebraska, USA, for the ‘Light of the World Pageant’.

Minden, officially designated as Nebraska’s Christmas City, kicks off every season by starting the ‘Light of the World’ Pageant concluded by a glorious show of over 12000 lights. More than 100 Minden volunteers play centurions, angels, kings, the wise men, Mary and Joseph in a re-enactment of the traditional Christmas story. The Pageant is performed the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and then the first two Sundays of December at 7:00p.

Minden’s Christmas Traditions Festival celebrates the town’s long tradition of hanging coloured lights in the Kearney County Courthouse with festivities including soup lunches, photos with Santa, cookie walk, film screenings, childrens carnival, craft fairs, bouncy castles, musical performances, 5k Santa fun run, chalk art contest, Christmas train, bake sale, community choir concert and the crowning I’d Miss Christmas City with the lights then being turned on followed by the parade.

The ‘Light of the World Pageant’ opens with a performance on the north side of Minden Square and this annual event began more than 70 years ago when thousands of people packed the Kearney County Courthouse Square and the surrounding streets in Dec 8th 1946 to view the show.

(PHONE RINGS) oooooh excuse me ….. hello yes this is XPETS HQ, what’s that you say, a Crazy Santa is going to ruin this wonderful parade and steel all the XPETS red baubles, not on our watch he’s not, mission accepted (HANGS PHONE UP) ….. XPETS you are all urgently needed to help locate the Crazy Santa and all the XPETS baubles. We at HQ know we can rely on each and every one of you! Go get me XPETS!

At the end of the mission there’ll be the usual ‘Caption Photo Competition’ so keep your eyes peeled …. and don’t forget the usual hashtag #XPSHQ (and also #XPCOMP for the competition) when tweeting and posting your answers.

Once you’ve found the Crazy Santa and counted all the XPETS baubles you need to tweet at the end of the mission …. (1) the total number of baubles, (2) the location of the Crazy Santa, (3) the answers to the two questions, and (4) your caption to the Caption Photo Competition.

Good luck all XPETS!



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