May Mission Intel


Sunday 19 May 2019

This month we are in Cannes for the Film Festival. Read the following info you’ll need it for the mission.

Our mission is to:

1. Gather up all the bananas and tally up how many we’ve got.
2. Find the Banana Bandit and make a note of which pic he’s in.
3. Answer 3 simple questions in the Quiz
4. Make up a slogan for the photo competition.

Flies off singing the Banana Boat Song. “Day-O Dayayayaya-Oooooo Daylight come an me wan go home”



2019 is the 72nd Cannes Film Festival which opens officially on 14 May.

Sixty meters of red carpet are used to cover the famous 24 steps at the Palais des Festivals. The carpet is changed three times a day during the festival and a total of 2km is used.

The president of the festival Pierre Lesclure, former head of Canal Plus, greets the stars and other guests at the top of the steps. He is joined by the mayor of Cannes, currently David Lisnard

About 375 hand prints of the attending stars for each festival have been taken since 1983. The stars press one or both hands into a block of clay. This is sent to a potter in Vallauris who makes a plaster mould which, in turn, goes to a foundry in the Rhone.

The mould and the shiny new stainless steel handprint then return to Cannes: the mould to the bowels of the Palais des Festivals and the hand print to the Allee des Etoiles which snakes around the Palais.

Along the coast you will find silhouette cut outs of your favourite stars for that ultimate photo opportunity.

The Palme d’Or by Chopard (trophy)

The Palme d’Or is worth about 20,000 euros and the 19 leafed palm is made from 118 grammes of pure gold. It is attached to a block of crystal. Each piece is unique as the crystal can be of a slightly different hue each year. Two are made, as well as two mini Palme d’Or, for each festival by five of Chopard’s top jewellers in Geneva. These same artisans produce the “red carpet” range of jewellery worn by the stars each evening.
The mini palm d’ors are for the best actor and actress awards.

Cannes is building a multiplex cinema which will include a museum of cinema. Thanks to the Cannes film festival, the town has more than 10,000 films, 50,000 interviews with stars and 300,000 photographs. It is on track to open early 2020 It has been designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti and will have seats for 2,426 people in 12 cinemas.

250 gardeners have planted 15,000 plants in the town for the festival & 400 giant planters protect pedestrians

4,580 journalists join the 12,000 film professionals

700 local and national police are on hand to look after everyone together with 580 street cameras

And 100 extra taxis are in Cannes for the festival

Elton John will attend the film premiere of the biopic story of his life Rocketman on 16 May. He is played by Taron Egerton and the director is Dexter Fletcher.  The film goes into the cinemas 29 May.

But as usual there is someone bent on ruining what would be an otherwise perfect event. The Banana Bandit! Yes Super Heroes, he is arriving early to lay bananas in places where the movie stars and public will be walking, and not just on the red carpets! We have to keep our eyes open and gather up all the bananas before the celebrities arrive and find where the Banana Bandit is hiding so we can capture him!

Keep your eyes peeled dudes! Ahem…. I’ll get my coat.



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