The Mission 13th Janaury


Sunday 13th January

This months adventure: We have to stop Camilla from disrupting the Changing of the Guard, and stealing the Crown Jewels with Meghan Markles help.

Ad lib throughout the adventure as usual and just have fun! At the end of the adventure we will post two pictures, the first picture shows the Queen watching tv in her sitting room. All you have to do is count the number of Corgi dogs in the room with her. The second picture is the photo competition, just make up a snappy funny caption. And that’s it. No quiz this month, we figured you all need to rest up after the madness of Christmas, so the quiz will be back next month.

When you’ve counted the Corgi’s and thought up a caption, just tweet them to @XPets1 with the hashtags #XPSHQ #XPCOMP and Nonny, Mac and Bonnie will choose the winner. And as usual the winner gets a super prize direct from XPets HQ.

We’ve posted the history and info on Changing of the Guard and the Crown Jewels on our website for anyone who’s interested.

See you tomorrow Dudes!


Buckingham Palace London

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