September Adventure Hong Kong


The Kung Fu Corner is set up every Sunday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm
at the Sculpture Walk of the Park. Free demonstration of lion/dragon
dance and different disciplines of martial arts will be staged and
play-in sessions will be organised for visitors.

With demonstrations of kung fu and a chance to join in and learn this
ancient martial art.

Alongside the Kung Fu demonstrations there are also Lion/Dragon
dance demonstrations. Sometimes the lion/dragon dancers leaping
around performing kung fu moves while demonstrating their lion or
dragon dance.

Lion dance troupes have existed in what is now Hong Kong since the
late Qing dynasty (1644-1912), when every walled village in the New
Territories would have their own group and more than 100 still perform
their dazzling routines; but as teens swap sport for studying, recruiting
dancers gets harder

The lion dance is a familiar sight during the recently ended Lunar New
Year festivities in China, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world in
which diaspora Chinese communities have settled. Along with the equally recognisable dragon dance, the lion dance is traditionally performed to
bring good luck for the coming lunar year and scare away evil spirits –
a custom stretching back more than 1,000 years.

Hong Kong boasts the world record for the largest lion and dragon dance
display, with a performance of 1,111 creatures in 2011. Lion dancing is
such a recognised cultural tradition in the city that troupes are booked to
perform at luxury boutique and car showroom openings. Lion dances are
also staged on other occasions in the lunar calendar such as the
Mid-Autumn Festival.


Hong Kong

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