May's Adventure Results!


Another successful adventure for XPets! Thanks to every super hero that took part, and if you didn’t win this month, you could win next month!

The winners were:

@Xenipie and @WinstonPuddles

The correct answers were as follows:

27 pain cans
Pic.10 = paint stripper can
Pic.13 = Ginga Kid

Quiz Answers:
1. 1,000 metres
2. Galvanised Yard
3. Breakdancing

The winning Caption was:
Richard Branson points the way for his Uber Taxi franchise to take off.

Runner up caption:
“Flying cars aren’t just in the movies” he thought proudly as he listened to 99 luftballoons booming from his car speakers.

It’s always hard to pick a winner, but myself, Nonny Mouse and my co-Admin Macbt, decide in the event of a tie breaker, which caption we like best. This month was particularly difficult because there were so many brilliant captions. You’re all way too smart! But I guess that’s why you’re XPets Super Heroes!

See you in June dudes and dudesses!



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