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Glasgow Street Graffiti Festival

After the huge success of last year’s first ever event of it’s kind in Scotland, SWG3 announce Scotlands largest gathering of graffiti and street art, taking place in the Galvanized Yard, in partnership with Forty Clothing, Montana Cans, and Global Art Supplies Ltd.

Yardworks Festival 2018 is an international celebration of graffiti, street art and design, which will spread throughout the SWG3 complex with focus on the new Galvanizers Yard. Showcasing the skills of top graffiti and street artists from across Europe and the UK.

1000 metres of graffiti walls
Artists maze
Large scale artworks
Kids creative station
Graffiti workshops
Face Painting
Pop up art store
Street food and craft beers!

Artists will carry out live demonstrations bringing the concrete playground to life and the festival will also include food and craft beers, DJ’s, breakdancing showcase and pop up paints and prints store.

But Graffiti is the main focal point with stunning artwork for all to see.

However, as usual XPets have been asked to attend as there is a notorious vandal at the event, the Ginger Graffiti Kid, GGK for short. He is armed with paint remover sprays and XPets task is to find the can’s of paint remover he’s left around the festival and count up the total cans found, plus find just where GGK is hiding.

The mission is to count the number of cans of paint remover, pinpoint the pic that GGK is hiding in, answer 3 simple questions, the answers of which are in this intel sheet, and think up a snappy caption for the photo competition.

Overalls will be supplied if required as this is going to be a messing mission dudes!

See you there!

Nony Mouse



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