XPets February Adventure Casanova Grand Ball


This month we are at the Casanova Grand Ball in Venice.

Our mission is to find the 3 pics where the evil Jester is hidden to stop him from drilling holes in the gondolas and sinking them! We also need to answer the 2 simple questions in the quiz, which are contained in this intel, find pic that the missing jigsaw puzzle piece is hidden, and make up a funny caption for our photo competition. Yes its a big one but you have an extra half hour to find all the answers. The result will be announced one hour from the end of the adventure, so there’s plenty of time to allow for time zone differences, twitter lapses, and pals falling into the canals!

Now about the Casanova Grand Ball. The Ball is held in the Garden of Pleasure. Where else? Getting a little hot in that lycra? Hmmm… I will continue! The Garden of Pleasure surrounds a historic Venetian Palace and is locaed in the San Polo district near the Basilica dei Frari. It is one of the oldest festivals held in Venice, Italy. It is world famous for it’s amazing masks that people wear during the event.

One of the contests of the Ball is to find the most beautiful mask, which is judged by international costume and fashion designers. There are several different types of masks, and usually people with different occupations and jobs wear a different type of Carnival mask during the festival.

Under the rule of the King of Austria, the Venice Carnival was outlawed and the use of masks strictly forbidden. After a long absence of more than 180 years, the Carnival of Venice returned in 1979 when the Italian government decided to bring back the history and culture of Venice by allowing and officially recognizing this traditional carnival.



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