10 AUG 2017 | BY MAC BT

Catch those crazy frogs in this months BOG SNORKELLING ADVENTURE

Bog Treasure

Thousands of years ago in the area of England now known as ‘The Fens’ of East Anglia, lived a tribe of ancient Britains. They built their villages on stilts surrounded by water, to protect them from the wolves and the wild creatuers that roamed the land and also against marauding enemies, including the Vikings.

Some of these villages were huge, housing not only the people of the tribe but their animals too. Like bustling towns they nestled amongst the reed beds. The Saxons were very talented and had many skills to make their life in the Fens more comfortable. One of those skills being jewellery making working with gold and precious gems.

One of these settlements caught fire 3,000 years ago, the inhabitants had to flee for their lives leaving everything behind them, their tools, their belongings, their cooking bowls, their furniture and their jewellery. In time the silt from the river nearby covered the remains of their village and recently discovered today archeologists have unearthed it, and the bog surrounding it.

So this month Super Heroes we are bog snorkelling to see if we can find some of that ancient treasure they left behind. As usual there are criminal forces at work, and in this case, frogs! They have dived down into the bog to try and find the treasure. Our mission is to find these valuable artefacts and hand them to the authorities so they can go into a museum for everyone to see and enjoy and not be melted down to buy luxuries for those nasty thieving frogs. There is one large artefact they can’t steal as it’s too heavy for them to get their slimey slithery hands on and lift out of the bog! That’s the one we need to find. It could be under the water, half under the water, or amongst the reeds somewhere, but we can find it.

So keep your eyes peeled, your goggles on, and your snorkel in your snout! We have treasure to find!!!

As usual there is a competition with 4 easy questions and in one picture there will be a very valuable artefact much larger than the others, and you will need to tell us which picture that artefact is in, and finally of course, is the caption competition.

So we need 4 correct answers to the quiz questions, the number of the picture you find the valuable artefact, and a brain popping, paw tapping, tail wagging, slobber inducing slogan for the caption picture.

This is going to be a mucky mission, lycra is optional, and you can, on this occasion, go naked into the bog if you want to. It’s murky in there, it’s dirty in there, and there are frogs and leeches in there, its an alien environment but we need to find the hidden artefact!

Can you do it? Of course you can, you’re an XPet Super Hero!

Note: All the answers to the questions are in the information on the ancient village that was found. Sheet will be tweeted on day of the mission!!

Good luck team! Let’s get down and dirty……..

To infiinity and the bog!

[flies out window adjusting tights] twaaaaaaaaang



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